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How To Set Up Your Outdoor Basketball Court

An outdoor basketball court is advantageous because it has a whole sweet meaning. It is not purposely you have a vast courtyard, but you can have a sized one. First you need basketball court and other outdoor basketball gear to install Court. An outdoor court is much fun and working on its building job is as much easier when you follow outdoor basketball steps which mention on https://www.probasketballtroops.com/best-outdoor-basketballs/ or follow eastern basketball expert team steps:

  • Step 1: Purchasing Constructing equipment

Before you start the constructing of your court, one should own the gears and tools for building the basketball court.

You should have the basketball pole hoops, court kit, surfacing kit, masking tapes and spray paint to draw the lines. Tape measure should also be one of the purchases to get the exact measurements.outdoor basketball court

Some concrete, shovels and other materials to compress your soil. All these should be put into consideration to determine the amount of cash you need to have for the work to be done.

  • Step 2: Determining Then Size You Can Build

One should consider the size, length and know what you can install. You must consider constructing on a flat surface because it will make the job easier.

The size can favor you because you will not also spend most expenses on building materials and fewer costs will be incurred.

  • Step 3: Measuring And Marking The Dimensions

You should mark the dimensions to know the appropriate size, leveling up also is done. Players should have their step off places that should be out of bound during game time.

You should time some ropes to get a much feel of the size you require and a much better-sized court.

  • Step 4: Leveling Up The Playing Field

The playing basketball field should be smooth.  One must move the dirt from higher areas to the low parts of the field for an excellent level up and all packed down.

  • Step 5: Installing A Concrete foundation

you should create a concrete set. You should install the hoops at the time so that the weather should be favoring for them to dry it. The need for installing the hoops with the concrete is to ensure the stability that is better.

It is not necessarily you who has to do all this, but you can as well find a company that can do all this for you. The company can install all the required equipment for your basketball court and the outer surroundings with favoring conditions too.

  • Step 6: Painting The lines

One should consider the spraying and painting of the lines of the court. Measurements and space lines should be painted well, like the outer surroundings, center lines, the free throw lines and have different colors to do so. Doing this with one’s favorite colors glows the court.

  • Step 7:  Surfacing The Court

A well-surfaced court will help you play smoothly and will also look promising if you happen to play with different basketball shoes.


For you to build a better basketball court, you must use the required accessories, fence the court well, and install the appropriate nets and hoops. You should also remember the post sleeves. These are easy steps.


Eastern Basketball Summer League Game Rules

Any player, coach, parent, or fan that gets ejected from a gym by a referee for abusive and/or threatening behavior of any kind, is barred from attending any more games for the league. Our program follows National Federation High School conduct and sportsmanship rules. Our referees are certified patched officials and have total jurisdiction in the gym during games. No profanity will be tolerated. No taunting of other players, coaches, or fans will be tolerated.

** Rules updated as of June 15, 2018**

Teams are required to have distinct numbered jerseys so the referees and players can distinguish between the 2 opposing teams during the game

1. Games will be played with 14 minute stop time halves for all divisions.

2. Half-time will be 2 minutes long.

3. 3 time outs of 45 seconds each, 1 additional 30 second time out per overtime.

4. First overtime will be 2 minutes long, additional overtime periods will be 1 minute long.

5. Bonus: 2 foul shots after the opposing team’s tenth foul each half. There is no one and one bonus.

6. Players will foul out of the game on the fifth personal foul. Technical fouls count as personal fouls.

7. 3 point shots are allowed for all levels where the floor is marked.

8. Both teams must provide volunteers for time keeping and scoring. You must list players’ last names and numbers on our score sheets for each game.

9. With a 25+ point lead in the second half the clock will be running time in the last 7 minutes.

10. For the 4th grade division there is no pressing. For the 5th grade, there is no pressing until the last 2 minutes of each half. If a 5th grade team plays a 4th grade team, play by the 4th grade rules.

11. For the 4th grade through 6th grade divisions pressing will not be allowed with a 10+ point lead.  For the 7th & 8th grade division pressing will not be allowed with a 15+ point lead.

12. There is no zone defense or double teaming for the 4th and 5th grade divisions. All defenses are allowed for 6th grade and older divisions. If a 6th grade team plays a 5th grade team, teams must go by 5th grade rules.

13. Boys teams will use a 29.5 ball and girl’s teams will use a 28.5 ball – if 4th grade boys teams want to play with a 28.5 ball, both coaches must agree prior to the game start.

14. Both coaches should report the game scores to the concessions stand or e-mail Jesfn@120Swish.com or matt@120swsfdish.com so the web site can be updated promptly or give result to the on-site gym monitor

15. Coaches are responsible for controlling their team’s bench, parent and fan behavior during games.

16. If a coach or player is ejected from a game they are subject to a minimum one game suspension.